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15 Female Idols Who Are Bringing Pigtails Back To Trend! +GIF

Cute femanle idols with pigtails gif

Pigtails My Love 💖

Who said pigtails are dead and out of fashion?

K-Pop girls bring back pigtails to style, as a popular cute look.

Here is a top 15:


1. Red Velvet Yeri


2. OH MY GIRL Yooa


3. Lovelyz Kei


4. EXID Hani


5. Cosmic Girls (WJSN) Cheng Xiao




7. TWICE Dahyun


8. Han Seungyeon


9. PRISTIN Nayoung


10. Taeyeon


11. GFRIEND Umji


12. Chungha


13. Apink Naeun


14. Weki Mei Yoojung



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