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5 K-pop Girls That Lost Lot Of Weight!

5 kpop idols that have loose weight

It that too much weight loss?

These girls are doing it well or maybe dieting too much?

  • 1NB’s Hajung

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Hajung from 1NB‘s, posted a photo of herself on a scale and the weight displayed on the screen was kind of shocking. Since she is studying ballet at Kyunghee University, Hajung was already fit, but excessive dieting on top of the exercise has caused many fans to worry that the idol is losing too much weight.

At 160 cm (5′ 3″), Hajung weighs in at only 38.4 kg (85 lbs), is it too much?

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  • Sunmi

Fans have been so worried about Sunmi‘s weight, that she had to respond through her social media platforms.

“I know you are worried about my weight. I know I look too skinny. But I’m really ok. I will eat more and exercise more, so please don’t worry about me.”

Sunmi weighs in at 43 kg (94 lbs) at a height of 166 cm (5′ 4″), what do you think?


  • CLC’s Yoojin

CLC‘s Yoojin revealed that she recently went in for a physical examination, and weighed in at 42 kg (93 lbs).

She’s 162 cm (5′ 4″) tall.


  • Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy (from Red Velvet) recently shared her most breaking moment as a trainee, which, not surprisingly, has to do with her weight loss. Says that her diet was a success.

Wendy weighs in at 42.5 kg (94 lbs) and is 157 cm (5′ 2″) tall.


  • Apink’s Naeun

Apink‘s Naeun has been praised for her perfect body measurements. She has shared that she never ever eat spicy or salty food while she is busy with promotions, to maintain her figure.

Naeun weighing in at 45 kg (99 lbs), with a height of 167 cm (5′ 5″).

What do you think?

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