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Hyojung 효정 ~~~ JinE 진이 ~~~ Mimi 미미 ~~~ YooA 유아
Seunghee 승희 ~~~ Jiho 지호 ~~~ Binnie 비니 ~~~ Arin 아린
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Oh My Girl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh My Girl was publicized as the new sister group of B1A4. In March 29, 2015, teaser images of the eight members were released as well as their concept images. On April 20, the group released their first single, "Cupid", and held their debut showcase the same day.

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Ga-young 김가영 Instagram:/gy_stellar ~~~ Ga-young 김가영 Twitter:/Stellar_GY
Jeon-yul 전율 Instagram: /stellar_jyr ~~~ Jeon-yul 전율 Twitter:/Stellar_JY
Hyoeun 이효은 Instagram: /stellar_he_ ~~~ Hyoeun 이효은 Twitter:/Stellar_HE
Minhee 주민희 Instagram: /stellar_mh_ ~~~ Minhee 주민희 Twitter: /Stellar_MH
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Stellar (South Korean band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stellar (Korean: 스텔라, stylized as STELLAR) is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011 under The Entertainment Pascal (formerly known as Top Class Entertainment). The group received attention prior to debuting for being produced by Shinhwa member Eric.

TEASER Blackpink As If It's Your Last

[TEASER] Blackpink “As If It’s Your Last”!

JesseJune 20, 2017
BoA will back with CAMO

[TEASER] BoA will back with “CAMO”!

JesseJune 18, 2017
[TEASER] 9Muses all teaser video + picture for Remember new MV!

[TEASER] 9Muses: all teaser video + picture for “Remember” new MV!

JesseJune 16, 2017
[TEASER] 9Muses Remember Kyungri version!

[TEASER] 9Muses “Remember” Kyungri version! #SideBoobs

JesseJune 15, 2017
[TEASER] 9Muses Remember Official!

[TEASER] 9Muses “Remember” Official!

JesseJune 14, 2017
[Teaser] WJSN - Happy!

[Teaser] WJSN – “Happy”!

JesseJune 2, 2017
[TEASER] Elris We First music video!

[TEASER] Elris “We First” music video!

JesseMay 30, 2017
[TEASER] Sistar new MV Lonely!

[TEASER] Sistar new MV “Lonely”!

JesseMay 29, 2017
[Teaser] April Mayday MV Trailer!

[Teaser] April “Mayday” MV Trailer!

JesseMay 27, 2017