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DJ Soda in Thailand and in bikini [video]


DJ Soda promotional video in Thailand.

DJ Soda in Thailand and in bikini [video

For those who follow GOOMI since a while, you probably know that I have a little crush for DJ Soda.

Of course she is cute, hot and sexy.

But mostly because she received a lot of criticism after everyone tried to judge her first performances.

She became famous very fast and many people started to say that she was not a real DJ, just famous for her routine dance and boobs.

But she is still in the game after the buzz, showing more and more skills in deejaying. For me, she is just more smart in marketing than her competitors. That’s it 🙂

Well, after talking about my own opinion that you have the total right to say: “shut up you moron!“, let’s talk about the new promotional video of DJ Soda.

She has published this last video, about her trip in Thailand, apparently at Phuket. And everyone knows that after going to Korea for hot girls, the second place you have to crush at is Thailand, for girls and parties.

What? Ok, ok, I digress again… Sexy part in the video start at 2:13, enjoy ^^





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