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Everyone is accusing Sunmi of plagiarizing. My opinion: fuck them?

Sunmi accused of plagiarizing with her new single “Heroine”

The title of my post could have ended by: “who seriously cares?” or “shut up morons” and so on.

The Internet is a very free land with good and bad side. One of the bad side is that everyone can give his opinion on everything, and mostly on topics where they have an absolute absence of knowledge and skills…

Long story short: Sunmi’s “Heroine” new single, which was produced by The Black Label (JYP sub-label), has come under fire for allegedly plagiarizing Cheryl Cole’s “Fight For This Love”.

I will not give my personal opinion on this topic because I am really bad to recognized everything when it comes about sounds, I surely do not have a Musical Ear, and it would just be one more egotic person’s opinion on the web, expressing his no knowledge on something that he has no clue.

The only thing I want to say is that we should get rid of those kind of topics and concepts.

Let’s be straight, everyone copy everyone.

Every industries, every markets, every artists are inspired by someone or something that has been created before them. And this is how the world is evolving. Actually this is the definition of evolution: you take something that is already existing and you make it better.

“This is an evolution”.

I am of course not talking about copy and paste. But it is totally normal to get inspired and taking some references in someone else creation. If every car manufacturers had to change the full concept of the first original car created, just because they got inspired by the concept of 4 wheels…

So, I have no idea if The Black Label has been inspired or not by that sond old fromnearly 1 years. But just shut the fuck up. And let’s appreciate artistic expressions.

With love 😘

Enjoy ^^


Here are the 2 songs to compare:


About the Song Heroine (주인공) Title : “Heroine” Single by Sunmi Released : January 18, 2017 Format : Digital download Genre : K-pop Label : MakeUs The Black Label LOEN Songwriter(s) : Sunmi Teddy Producer(s) : Teddy and 24 _________________________ About the Song “Fight for This Love” Lead


And now, shut up and enjoy:

SUNMI(선미) ‘Heroine'(주인공) Showcase Stage (쇼케이스, 원더걸스, Wonder Girls)

가수 선미가 18일 오후 서울 강남 라마다호텔에서 싱글 ‘주인공'(Heroine) 쇼케이스를 열었다. 선미는 지난해 발표한 ‘가시나’에 이어 5개월 만에 컴백했다. 선미는 ‘가시나’ 때와 마찬가지로 이번에도 YG엔터테인먼트 산하 레이블이자 테디가 이끄는 더블랙레이블과 손잡았다. 작사는 테디와 선미가 함께했으며, 작곡은 테디와 프로듀서 24가 맡았다.

What do you think?

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