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EXID’s Hani: Begs Fans To Not Make A GIF Of Her Spitting

EXID’s Hani laughs on broadcast spitting out her ramen

We Love You Hani, Don’t Worry

EXID’s Hani laughs on broadcast & ends up almost spitting out her ramen, begs fans to not make it a gif.

On a recent live broadcast, Hani of EXID was eating ramen and laughed, which led to noodles almost flying out of her mouth before she made a quick recovery and sucked them back down.

Embarrassed and knowing the fandom loves to make gifs of Hani being a mess, she proceeded to beg them to not make gifs of it.

Of course, people listened to her:

HK.Whozthatgirl on Twitter

180319 #exid #hani #하니 Hani almost spit the ramen out ㅋㅋㅋand asked Leggo not to make GIF , please edit ㅋㅋㅋㅋ By Jackie

Don’ worry Hani, you are not alone, here is a collection of the best spitting to cheer you up:

Source: Asian Junkie

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