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Girl crush All New Fancams: Jia, Taeri, Bomi And Sehi

Jia, Taeri, Bomi, Sehi 지아 태리 보미 세히 from Girl Crush 걸크러쉬 sexy Korean girl fancam 직캠

New bambino?

I know, I already asked this questions few times and not only about Girl Crush.

Girl crush fancam Jia Taeri Bomi Sehi (3)

There is plenty of different performers band in Korea with a lot of potentials.

But since recently, Girl Crush making much performance at different kind of events.

Wearing various dress styles, such as schoolgirl uniforms or the famous blue short and white top, that made Bambino’s girls famous years ago.

Girl crush fancam Jia Taeri Bomi Sehi (2)

After a complete recent review, here are all the fancams available (so far) of Girl crush performing at Gwangmyeong Speedom on April 1, 2018.

All members:

Jia 지아:

Taeri 태리:

Bomi 보미:

Sehi 세히:

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