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Hyosung is leaving SECRET!

Hyosung leaves SECRET kpop girl band


A new trend?

Stellar disbanded and feeling happy, Secret’s members revealing abuses from their company … Apparently, it’s a big wave that seems not to want to stop in the world of idols, concerning the contracts that cause trouble among the members of the groups and the company that are managing them.

Today it is Hyosung turn who announce leaving the group Secret (following Jieun), alleging a lack of payment and sub-contract the responsibility of her career to another party:

On March 5, Park Jung Ho, the lawyer representing Jun Hyosung’s case, revealed that the singer had filed a civil lawsuit against TS Entertainment in September 2017 to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract with the agency. The lawyer went on to explain that there were multiple reasons behind the legal dispute. Echoing Song Ji Eun’s complaints against the agency, he stated, “First, there are payments that [Jun Hyosung] has not received. [TS Entertainment] also transferred the management rights conferred by its exclusive contract with the singer to another party without the consent of Jun Hyosung herself. Not only is this a clear violation of her contract, but it is also a source of instability in her promotions as a singer.” He continued, “We attempted to resolve this issue peacefully, but because TS Entertainment posed a problem, we ultimately ended up filing a lawsuit. We filed a lawsuit in order to legally confirm the invalidity of her contract with TS Entertainment.” Park Jung Ho also firmly denied any possibility of Jun Hyosung returning to Secret or remaining under TS Entertainment. He stated, “Of course Jun Hyosung will not be returning to Secret. Her trust in TS Entertainment has already been broken. It is meaningless to renegotiate her contract.” He added, “The fact that this lawsuit has become public knowledge is already causing significant damage to Jun Hyosung’s current promotions in the entertainment industry.”

Please Hyosung, do not disappear and start a solo career 🙏

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