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New MV: Sunmi released “Heroine” and you’ll need a bit of it to enjoy it properly…

New music video of Sunmi 선미 “Heroine 주인공”

It is always hard to comeback after a big hit.

Same here for Sunmi, after the enormous success of her last year Gashina, coming back after that, it is a huge thing as everyone will be waiting for something at the same level of creation and formated in the same way.

Courageous. “Heroine” is something radically different. But as creative as is it, it will serve as a transition to her next songs. And we will need time to adapt to what is apparently a varied range of style.

If you expected something very commercial, something as Gashina, like I was (wrongly), you’ll be surprise. Heroine is a bit weird, in its pure artistic expression.

But I have to concede that I respect her, for not doing what people are logically waiting for, and to impose her own taste and creativity.

What do you think?

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