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People Are Shocked by Jessi’s Sexy Hiphop New Outfit!

Jessi Korean singer rapper sexy showcase video


Netizens Express Mixed Emotions On Jessi’s Latest Fashion

Jessi and rapper Flowsik held a showcase for their new collaborative single “All I Need”.

Jessi surprised the audience with her revealing outfit; consisting of a one-piece swimsuit, thigh-high boots, and a coat.

It is clearly not the first time for Jessi as she likes to spread a sexy provocative image, but netizens are giving mixed reactions:

“So crappy…”

“That is just too much”

“She looks so good”


“I was so shocked. Where did she get the confidence to wear this?”

“Uncomfortable to see…”

“She looks cheap”

Omg my eyes.”

“She looks cool. Don’t mind the hate. Do your thing, Jessi!”

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