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Probably the hottest fancam since Bambino’s Hadam!!!!!!!!! [ video 4k ]


This fancam is more hot than the Bambino’s Hadam one!


Ok, do you remember few months ago, Hadam from the Korean girls band performers Bambino?

[ if you don’t, I refresh your memory: click here! ]

So, it seems that competitors of Bambino are starting to answer.

DimePiece is also a Korean Girls band and they are reaching a better level!

There is no question here to know if this girl is wearing a pantie but, at least she is showing her pussy giving some more important informations!

Watch and let me know ^^


Probably the hottest fancam since Bambino's Hadam!!!!!!!!! [ video 4k ]


The hot video from Hadam:

Sexy kpop cover (ZOOM IN-SLOW MOTION) // BAMBINO “New Thang” เต้นโคฟเวอร์ เกาหลี เซ็กซี่ [1080p-HD]

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Written by Katty

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