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SNH48 new MV ‘Happy Wonder World’ is made for sending you some magic of Christmas!

SNH48《Happy Wonder World》MV(《新年这一刻》MV)

SNH48不仅仅是一群青春洋溢的漂亮女孩,也不仅仅是偶像的概念。她们在音乐上有着独特的风格,是新生代偶像的代表。SNH48完全打破了传统偶像组合”先封闭培训,再出道推广”的形式,用专属剧院公演、握手会、年度总选举等方式,让粉丝们能够最大程度地见证、参与到成员们的成长中来。 ~实时更新,欢迎订阅~

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Written by Jesse Lee

I go where no one goes. Defeat after defeat to victory. Turning impossible to possible.


[GIF] Are Dalshabet trying to turn on those Santa Claus guys? Because it seems to work!

Jennie Lee Tran has done live again, shame if you miss it! #vietbabe