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Taeyeon’s Waist Has Become So Small And Sexy In Recent Photos!

Fans can’t believe it!

Dispatch and Koreaboo

Taeyeon Waist Transformation?

Taeyeon was spotted in public places recently, mostly when she was heading off to Dubai.

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Many photo of her has been posted online.

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Taeyeon’s impossibly small waist turned all heads on her.

Fans couldn’t believe how tiny her waist looked in this outfit.

Netizens started to wonder if she always had a tiny waist of if it was a recent transformation.

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They were even more mesmerized when they caught a glimpse of her from the side.

Netizens made a lot of comment about her waist and her beauty:

“Taeyeon is really pretty!”

“She’s always so cute.”

“She is so beautiful.”

“She’s a goddess!”

“Marry me!”

“How can you be so perfect! Will you marry me?”

Taeyeon is 29 years old and she manages to still have her youth body!

Here are some of her other public appearances and it looks like she always has been on the top!

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