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Top 10 Most Popular Korean Girl Groups Right Now!

The best kpop girl group in Korea

Sports Chosun and Koreaboo

Top 10

Are you wondering who are the best of the best of Korean Girls right now?

The most popular ones?

Which kpop bands are making it to the top?

Well, don’t question yourself no more, here is the top 10 kpop girl band right now:


10 – Apink

Apink just released their 7-year anniversary song last month.


09 – Girls’ Generation / SNSD

Even they haven’t promoted as a group, the members individually are still promoting freely, with Yoona on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast and Yuri recently attending Ultra Music Festival in Miami.


08 – EXID

EXID recently made their comeback with “LADY” and the group expects Solji to recover enough to return for their next album.


07 – Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl debuted their first unit group Oh My Girl Banhana on April 2. Unfortunately, Jiho injured her ankle again, hindering her promotions.


06 – Cosmic Girls

Both the group and members are still actively promoting. Cheng Xiao recently finished her time as an instructor on Idol Producer, and Mei Qi and Xuan Yi are trainees on the Chinese Produce 101.



BLACKPINK haven’t made a comeback for 9 months but are still the talk of the country thanks to their photo shoots, Japanese promotions, and their reality show, BLACKPINK HOUSE.


04 – TWICE

TWICE made their comeback with their 5th mini-album last month and the title track “What is Love?” The mini-album has already recorded over 350,000 pre-orders, breaking their previous record.


03 – Momoland

On the back of the success of “Bboom Bboom”, Momoland are currently one of the hottest girl groups in Korea. JooE was added as an MC for upcoming JTBC program I’ve Fallen For You and Yeonwoo is an MC for OnStyle‘s Beautiful Life.


02 – Mamamoo

Mamamoo recently released thank you song “Everyday” to thank their fans for the success of “Starry Night”. Wherein is now preparing to release her solo albums.


01 – Red Velvet

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Red Velvet has ranked 1st place for the past 2 months. The group just finished off a stellar performance in Pyongyang, North Korea with the South Korean Art Troupe and made their first-ever visit to Chicago.

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